Effective and regular communications are key ingredients that hold organisations together. Without them, messages can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster.

Internal communications are just as, if not more, important than your external communications. Always remember your employees are your voice, eyes and ears so look after your staff, in return they’ll look after your customers.

So here are our top reasons to keep communicating:

1. Stronger together

Effective and regular communication promotes motivation and togetherness, it’s just picking the appropriate channel for you. By channelling this communication effectively within the organisation, managers and employees are more likely to build stronger bonds.

2. Source of information

Communication and its many channels are sources of information for everybody. Keep employees updated, educated and informed to assist in the key decision-making processes that they face every day. This will help identify alternative courses of action if required. As we all know, informed decisions are always the best ones.

3. Shifting attitudes

Regular communication also plays a crucial role in shifting individual’s attitudes – Well informed employees will have a better attitude towards the task showcasing a greater sense of ownership if they’re kept up to speed with the project.

4. Keep your employees talking

It’s said that one cannot survive without communication. In these difficult times individuals can feel isolated and disconnected – communication is the key tool to connect with others so in this modern world understand the many channels available to you and keep your workforce talking.

5. Open environment

Encourage an open environment. When employees are encouraged to communicate, and are communicated to, it will foster an open environment where employees feel comfortable in putting suggestions, ideas and opinions forward. How many lines of communication are open to your employees?

So, keep your staff in the know, engaged and motivated with effective and regular communications and let’s send those messages they need to hear!

For more information on choosing the channels for you contact us at hello@mediamaker.co.uk

By Alex Shepherd