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If you have a need for a technical solution to enhance your operations that’s not viable off the shelf, then challenge Mediamaker to develop it for you.

We love solving digital problems, through the creation of bespoke software that can deliver the functionality of highly complex solutions without the cost

Self-service insurance portal

We were engaged by a leading insurer to create an application that allowed the client to sell device insurance (mobile phones etc.) across multiple European territories. The solution had to operate through a number of key sales channels including: instore, online and call centre.

The solution was rolled out across Europe and now supports annual sales in the tens of millions. Further territories have since been added to create a valuable pan-European digital asset that’s fully integrated into the client’s back office system. We continue to provide ongoing support and development.

Solutions for construction

Our systems are used by companies who need to track, manage and report on equipment, employees and processes in the field.

We can create bespoke, highly functional technical solutions that are designed to meet your exact specifications. They are cost efficient and can be used to streamline operations, making the them much more effective and compliant. 

Suppliers managed

We have been working with the UK’s leading manufacture of lingerie for nearly 2 decades.

As well as consumer facing e-commerce, we have been engaged to create and deliver a comprehensive supplier portal. This portal is integrated with their wider electronic retail planning solution (ERP) and enables them to manage the supply of material and garments, in way that keeps pace with retail demand in the UK and across the world.

Processes explained

We’re great at coding the noughts and the ones, but we also have 20 years of experience in the creation and delivery of video and motion graphics.

Our talented in-house team can create pixel perfect explainer videos, 3D renders and dynamic animations that can engage both your customer or suppliers and bring your service or product to life .

Industry served

We work for Europe’s largest conglomerate supplier of the design, manufacture and distribution of materials and solutions to the construction industry.

As well as consumer facing sites, we have provided an e-learning solution and a digital share-save scheme, which enables all 20,000 employees based in the UK to annually take part in the company’s success.

Our digital capabilities

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