Increase your engagement with intelligent Virtual Event Solutions

Our tried and trusted expertise is what you need to create and manage your virtual or hybrid events. 

Technology is constantly changing and online expectations are high.

So with over 30 years of experience in events and digital, we are well placed to provide professional event solutions that reach your virtual audience whenever, wherever and on whatever device they use.

We can transform you to where you want to be, we can involve your teams, engage them, teach them, lead them and advise them.

If you’re thinking of holding a virtual or hybrid event, just call for a chat, it could be the best thing you did today.

Here’s how it works

Make your event exceptional!

We combine intelligent event design with our reliable virtual event platforms to make your corporate
virtual event or conference a roaring success. 

Virtual, hybrid or in-person

Let us design & create the best event for your broadcast – virtual or hybrid – and engage your audience with live streaming and interactive tools on any device.

Designed for your business needs

Our creative content will wow your audience via our virtual event platforms that are designed specifically for corporate and internal communications.

Expert support with every step

Personal solutions that go beyond off-the-shelf. With intelligent event design, we go further to bring your ambitions and your agenda to life.

Solutions tailored to you

Every business is unique. That’s why our virtual event design and platform solutions can be customized to get the results you need for your business.

It’s not just about registration. Our delegate registration and management systems are tried, tested, and trusted.

We take out the hard work so that you can see how your event is shaping up long before show day.

Real engagement in a virtual space

Two-way communication is the best way to build trust in challenging times.

Use interactive tools like live chat, Q&A, polling and feedback surveys to learn about the current key issues and address them before they grow.

Share information that matters

To ensure we support your audience we provide space for you to share key information, documents, videos or photographs for onward communication.

Personal support by an
experienced team

What we offer is more than an app provided by a remote global company you can never get hold of. We’re ready to be with you every step of the way.

Fully managed, secure solution

As experienced event professionals, we live for creating exciting, memorable event experiences both in-person and online. 

You don’t get that expertise and passion with an out-of-the-box virtual event platforms provider. Plus, our platforms are security protected.

We will bring your virtual or hybrid event to life with our interactive Virtual Event Platforms

Whether a Hybrid Event or Virtual Event, we will design your event with our Virtual Event Platforms as the hub that brings it to life for your teams. You can even use our Virtual Event Platforms as a Web Portal for progressive communications.

Hybrid events

Combine the best of virtual and live

 Integrating the best of virtual and in person live events, the Hybrid event is broadcast from a “studio” environment designed to suit your agenda. Our socially distanced teams and presenters work safely to bring the event to your own device whenever you want to watch, live or on-demand.

Our “studio” environments can be installed wherever you would like it to be i.e. your offices, a venue, hotel etc. They can be small or larger depending on your agenda design and the formats we need. The design of the event is all about the audience engagement.

“Build it and they will come”, as the film said and they do. Make an event eventful and people will not only attend, but they will listen and take part. With the use of technology in the studio we can enhance the online experience. Features and formats can be mixed to keep viewing varied whilst online, we can integrate engagement tools to encourage two-way communication.

We can also provide physical items to delegates to engage i.e. task boxes, party hampers, props and gifts. Just because we can’t all meet face-to-face, doesn’t mean we can’t involve each other and enjoy it.

  • Fusion of an in-person and virtual event with or without the audience size permitted
  • Presenters and content filmed and blended into a seamlessly executed event via our platform to your own device
  • Invited audience members access the virtual event platform via secure login
  • Event recorded for on-demand replay
  • Audience engage and interact with features, live chat, Q&A, polling & voting, surveys , gamification and feedback
  • Full ongoing support from our expert team, before, during and after show day

Features that work for you

Transform your virtual event with features that bring results

Broadcasts & live streaming

Our live broadcast or streaming connects hundreds & thousands of delegates anywhere on any desktop or mobile device by our expert technicians and event teams.

Web based

Our virtual event platforms are completely web-based, so no app download required.

Video & audio hosting

Going beyond live is easy. Pre-recorded video and audio can be hosted on our platforms for access anytime.

Live chat

Sharing ideas keeps business moving forward. With live chat, your delegates can discuss and solve issues or simply network.

Live Q&A

Benefit from smooth communication between presenters and audience, assisted by moderation tools and filtering.

Quick polls and voting

Receive feedback from your delegates in real time or get votes on issues important to your business during sessions.

Survey quiz & gamification tools

Build your insights by engaging your audiences and gathering invaluable data. Make data capture fun and measure the way your audiences are engaging with you.

Document library

Share key information and updates such as policy documents, guidelines, slides, videos and support materials all in one place.

Amazing ways to use our Virtual Event Platforms

Here are just a few brilliant ways you can use our Virtual Event Platforms to take your digital employee communications
to new heights.

Need something more tailored to you? We can customize our platforms to create your perfect fit. 

Bespoke events

Get your teams revved up at your special event. Sales Kick Off, Communications or Leadership event, Awards Cermony or Conference – these can all be broadcast online and available post event on-demand.

Hybrid events

Combine a small live event with your online audience to get a dynamic, first class experience for all delegates.

Live broadcasts

Stream your messages as professionally as a TV news broadcast whilst supported by our onsite AV team.

Online training

Share live or pre-recorded video, audio & documents. Use Q&A, live chat & polling to boost learning & check understanding with quizzes.


Digital employee comms for the long term. Unite your teams in an online community that’s tailored to your business needs.

Event series

Virtual or in-person multiple recurring events on the same platform with one single login makes life easier for you and your delegates. 

Delegate management

A registration and delegate management system that provides a simple and engaging experience to start your event. Even if your delegate data is complex, we can manage it effectively and securely so that the delegate experience is a positive one.

Let’s talk

We like a good chat about everything events, web and comms. If we can help in any way, just give us a call and let’s talk. If you’re short of time, drop us a line.

In the meantime, thank you for engaging with us, we hope to see you soon.