Its time to get positive.  You know what they say, optimists are more likely to create positivity than those who are less so.  I am sticking to that philosophy and looking forward to taking some cautious but positive steps into the new future. Spring is ever nearer with temperatures increasing and the garden showing signs of new life just like us. 

This new life is a world abundant with change and in the process, business has taken a giant leap further into the digital age.  With people working from home and communicating on mobile devices, it is no longer the norm to get together for a meeting at the drop of a hat in the office.  That is more likely to be a very careful consideration these days if anyone dare suggest it.  This changing landscape makes communication planning more complex, it creates challenges requiring a different level of effort.  What was second nature demands further consideration which takes more time, something usually in short supply.  So, what’s the answer? Strategy, planning, commitment and knowing who to work with to maximise this ambition.  With a good strategy and a strong implementation plan being confident in communication feels good.

Here are the 4 key benefits of how communication can become Feel Good Communication:

  1. Improved Productivity.
    Communication helps people to do a great job. Sharing information and being inclusive connects teams and builds a strong and confident work force.
  2. Great Place to Work.
    A well informed team creates a great working atmosphere where people trust and support each other.  A communicative culture generates a loyal and strong team ethic which in turn benefits the customer, building revenue. 
  3. Creativity.
    A strong and confident team with an open and honest approach to communication are more likely to feel able to offer ideas, new ways of working and innovative alternatives which benefit the company and its customers.
  4. Happy Customers.
    Customer service and communication go hand in hand.  An improved communications culture soon becomes part of the customer experience. Investing in good communication creates a Feel Good culture.

So if you want to feel good about your communications media, we’re worth a call. Let us look after your ambition by creating great comms solutions that invite, involve and inspire. Drop us a line at for a friendly chat about how we can help.  

By Alison Glaves