I am an event planner and quite frankly I am missing people! (Is it ok to confess so early in a blog?). 

My job is to get lots of people in one room to engage, communicate and inspire. My specialism is attendees, so I am all about the people. Not being able to get lots of people together in a room is odd and I am missing it. 

However, during lockdown I have loved seeing people’s innovative, resourceful, and creative solutions for celebrating, getting together and having fun. Many of these solutions could be applied to a corporate setting, since going forward, we are going to have to get creative when trying to engage our audiences. During lockdown people have certainly embraced technology, but I want to look more at the fun, creative elements that enhance the digital experience. 

Inspiration for Employee Engagement 

We have all seen things in the news about people getting married, graduating, and celebrating with friends and family online. Rather than cancelling, they have adapted and found ways of doing things differently. 

But how could you do things differently to engage your teams and have a bit of lighthearted fun? Here are some ideas to break up a virtual session: 

  • Hold a scavenger hunt 
  • Have a staring competition 
  • Set up an ‘escape room’ style challenge, where teams work together to solve clues 

I’ve seen lots of amazing video messages too, where someone has collated messages from family and friends and put them together. We have been doing similar things in the corporate world for years, but technology and apps have made it easier for people to do this from home. 

I love that people have adapted and thought of fun and interesting ways to celebrate, as now more than ever it is important to celebrate what we can. 

Physical link 

Create a more shared experience by sending your team something physical to support an online event.  

  • Workshop activity. Send out activity boxes by post to arrive the day before with instructions not to open. These could contain props for games to be used throughout the session, and even a few treats. Having something physical to open makes the session more exciting and brings the attendees together. 
  • Afternoon tea. My friend’s mum has just turned 80 and her family sent her an afternoon tea and joined her online with their own afternoon teas.  
  • Wine tasting. Our local wine shop is doing online wine tasting where they deliver a case of wine during the day ready for online tasting in the evening. For an informal team catch up, this would be a great way to get everyone to unwind. 

Make it Engaging 

There is lots of creative inspiration from Lockdown out there to help us make digital events and communication fun and engaging. We are going to have to think creatively to unite teams together during this difficult and unprecedented time.  

Many of the same rules will still apply, after all, no one likes to be talked at for hours and it’s easier to switch off when you are doing this digitally. So while it’s more important than ever that messages are clear, concise, engaging and with clear actions, it may also do your team some good to add a little fun into the mix too. 

By Helen Lamont