Within the last few years, the events industry has adapted in response to covid impacting on events. Virtual events are on the rise, although nothing beats attending a physical event, so how can one boost engagement in virtual events?

Interactive Content and Features

Whether it is a small or large event, it is important to have interesting and engaging content. By having interactive features, you are encouraging your attendees to participate and get involved. These can involve live and pre-event voting and chat features, allowing your audience to feel listened to and their input is valued.


Having entertainment is a great strategy to keep your audience engaged. Ideas include having a  magician that can display a whole set of tricks through cameras, or even send out small samples of whiskey or wine to your delegates and host a virtual wine tasting session moderated by an expert.

Social Media Contest

Set up social media contests for your audience to win a prize. For example, you could ask your attendees to submit a photo of their setup whilst attending your virtual event. Some people might work from the garden or even the beach. Most creative or unique setup wins a prize, enticing your audience to participate. Not only does this allow for creativity but also gain exposure on social media.

Have the right tools

Be sure to have the right tools for your event to run smoothly. Are you using a platform that enables you to conduct real-time interactions? If you don’t already provide the capabilities for your delegates to interact, this is a factor you might want to consider when planning your virtual event hosting platform. Just chat with us and let us share your challenges as well as solving them.

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