Using an event production company can make your life much easier and take your event to the next level, but it can be a big investment, so it’s important you make the most of this service and get a return on your investment. Here’s some tips on how to get the most from your production company.

Get us involved as soon as possible

Have an initial informal chat with us right at the start, ideally before venues, briefs, agendas and themes have been decided. We can help you ask the right questions, make smart decisions, and find interesting solutions. 

Talking through initial ideas with an expert can help focus the mind and could even lead you down a slightly different route which may affect the style, format, size and location of the event.

A good brief

Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be a formal written brief, this could just be a really open discussion, the more we know the more we can support you in the right way.

  • Details – Tell us what you know.
    • Date, is the date fixed
    • Location / venue
    • Numbers
    • Format of the event
    • Seating style
    • Who is the audience?
    • How will they register & communicate with you
  • Ambition 
    • What do you want to the event to achieve? 
    • How will this be measured?
    • What do you need support with?
    • What’s important to you?
  • Budget
    • If you have a budget let us know.
    • If we know your priorities & how much you have to spend, we can propose ideas and clever solutions to suit your budget
  • Challenges
    • Make us aware of any challenges, we can help you with flexible solutions.

Following the brief, you may want us to present our solutions and ideas. This is a great opportunity for us to tell you about our creative and engaging solutions and to make sure we are all on the right page, discuss ideas and formulate a plan.


Regular production meetings are great, but if you’re concerned about something or have had a curve ball thrown at you, just give us a call.  Across the whole team we have over 100 years of event experience (I know right!), so we have dealt with lots of challenges over the years. We are here to help and support you.

Key deadlines

We always create a detailed production schedule but will also make you aware of the key deadlines.  These are the important dates we need decisions, sign off or assets & content. These are often fixed dates with little wriggle room, so it’s good to have these in mind from the outset.

Content meetings and Rehearsals

Rehearsals are so useful for everyone. We recommend getting everyone in a room at least a month before the event to discuss content. It helps if all the key people are there so at this early stage they can agree on key messages, engaging formats and any special requirements such as videos, animation, furniture, props and engagement tools.  It’s great to be involved in this early stage as we get a better sense of what you are trying to achieve, and we can support you in creating engaging content.

A few days before the event we recommend a full run through. This session helps us learn the content and presenter styles & format from a show production point of view.  But also helps flag any issues and tweaks before we are on site. 

Once on site, its good to do a full-dress rehearsal on the stage.  This session should ideally just be getting familiar with the stage set up and presentation format.  Working in this way normally reduces stress onsite as well helping speakers be more confident and calmer.

Open feedback session

Post event feedback sessions are so useful, they help us improve our service to our customers and give us a better understanding of the challenges our clients are facing. It’s good to break feedback down into:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • What improvements can we make.

We love getting to know our customers and developing great working relationships. Please get in touch if you want to know how we can help you with your next event.  Let’s chat at or call on 07968 307175/01159 255440.