Making your event more accessible isn’t hard, it just requires a bit more planning.

Here are some basic considerations for how you could get started on reducing barriers that might be preventing your potential audience from joining or engaging in your events:

Before the event

Understand the needs of your delegates and speakers and speak to your venue ahead of time

  • Provide a route map with transport links and accessible park
  • Does the venue have a ramp or lift access?
  • Is there a quiet room to relax or take medicine?
  • Phone ahead 24 hours before the event and check everything you require is installed and working.

Planning the details

It’s a good idea to create a detailed plan for any additional facilities needed, including,

  • Induction loop facility for hearing aid users
  • Provision of sign language interpreters
  • Make sure the stage has ramp access
  • Provide facilities for service dogs
  • Check lighting doesn’t impact on lip reading
  • Advise strobe lighting is planned

At the event

Make it a seamless experience enabling everyone to participate fully

  • Offer table service as well as self-service
  • Check floor plans to facilitate easy circulation
  • Reserve seating areas
  • Create scent free rooms for allergies
  • Communicate specific in pre-event comms
  • Provide alternative way to access communication e.g., braille or large print
  • Gather feedback and look for ways to improve

There are plenty more tips to improve accessibility, but these are just a few to get you going. Apply those needs to ensure your delegate all feel included.

If you need help making your event more accessible, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.  Let’s chat at or call on 01159 255440.