With restrictions slowly being lifted, we are working closely with our clients to plan effective, engaging and safe events.  Some of our Hybrid events are now being staged in our clients premises rather than doing it remotely and virtual.  This is a great step forward as Hybrid events will have a more professional appearance whilst making it easier to support our clients and produce a brilliant event.  It feels so good to be working more closely with our clients on the new ways of working and ensuring that the detailed planning will ensure they get the most out of their event.

Although this is an exciting step, and closer to live events as we know them, we can only do this if we keep our team and customers safe. Health, safety, wellbeing and doing things right, have always been important to us.  We want to work together with our customers to reduce any risk and make things as safe as possible.

Here are some of the measures we are putting in place for our Hybrid events:

  • The team involved do lateral flow tests and register results with the NHS 24hrs before being on site – this is so that any positive member of the team can be replaced before heading to site.
  • If any of the team feel unwell, they are being asked to stay away and will be replaced.
  • The Team are having a second on site test before starting work to confirm we are creating a Covid free operating site.
  • Arrival and departures onsite have been scheduled for access and exit flow.
  • Lunches are all pre-ordered and dispensed at allocated stations. Tea / Coffee and drinks are being served in disposable cups and are mostly served at workstations to avoid gatherings and queues.
  • Cleaning is also taking place throughout i.e. used furniture, toilets, doors on entrance and exits and workstations.
  • Deliveries are only received in advance of being on site and not during the event.
  • Masks, cleaning materials and sanitisers are available around all accessible and permitted spaces.
  • Masks are to be worn onsite and social distancing implemented where possible. If working in a Covid Free (tested) workspace, masks are worn when appropriate to help people work in comfort and with confidence.

This is a comprehensive set of measures, tried and tested. As always, this plan will be reviewed regularly and tweaked where necessary to suit current guidelines and the working environment.

We wait to hear what procedures, if any, will be required when live corporate events resume, but we will keep this approach as required and extend the format to delegates as necessary.  

Every event creates a different experience, and one thing is certain; our attitude to being Covid safe will be at the heart of every event as a safe event is a successful event.