What is Digital Employee Experience?

The “employee experience” refers to everything employees experience as they do their jobs. The digital employee experience is a specific element of the employee experience that refers to the online world. So, whenever an employee uses technology as part of their job, that’s the digital employee experience in action.

Much of the digital employee experience will be driven by tech solutions that are implemented by the HR and IT departments. And for all good reason, employees cannot function without the secure digital technologies that are at the core of their working lives. However, when it comes to communications that go beyond the functional, we frequently find that even when companies have invested heavily in apps and digital solutions, they still can’t build the desired level of employee engagement.

Outside of work, employees will be interacting with digital platforms that have been finessed to the nth degree to maintain interest. The user experience will help bind them to the content. And, whilst it may not be possible for companies to behave like the ‘attention merchants’, there’s one simple rule we apply that should always be at the foundation of any Digital Employee Experience…love the content.

Love the content

Enterprise solutions maybe be technically brilliant but will often have tumbleweed blowing through them because there has been no equivalent investment in the creation of engaging content. Our best performing employee engagement platform generates over 700,000 page views per month from a core audience of around 5,000 users. It’s not a standout technical innovation, but it is a highly managed and evolving repository of essential information and tools, which receives daily and sometimes hourly attention, in order to maintain the interest of its audience. The content is loved.

COVID has thrown the spotlight on digital communication. “87% of CIOs believe digitally empowering employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years.” Source: The Impact of a Digitally Empowered Workforce report. Advances in functional systems and their wider integration will play a part, but unless companies put ‘loving the content’ at the heart of their digital strategies, we think these numbers will be hard to achieve.

We built our first intranet for a customer back in the 90s. Our client was as it turns out far-sighted, investing £1 in cultural adoption for every £1 spent on technology, resulting in a step change transformation of internal communications.

Few businesses adhere to this model. CIOs and end-users have very different views on communications tools within their companies. Half of CIOs believe they’re providing employees with the tools they want, yet only a quarter of end-users believe this.  Technical deployments can only succeed if the are backed by the same emphasis on cultural acceptance.

Loving the content means the dynamic update of :-

  • great copy
  • useful information
  • inspiring images
  • consistent graphics
  • pixel perfect video
  • intuitive learning
  • the user experience

If you keep the content alive, relevant and engaging, then your audience will interact with it and each other.  They will intuitively recognise the value you have invested in ‘loving the content’ and the results will justify your investment in digital communication assets.

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