If you are thinking of live streaming your event or creating videos for streaming, there are a few things to consider before starting. Experience and expertise go a long way when it comes to maximising results.

For 27 years, Mediamaker have been making creative content for communicators and marketeers in both the live and digital channels. We understand those channels, the audiences and how to reach them, providing the proven talent and expertise needed to integrate digital, live, video and streaming, into solutions that will match your communications ambition.

Streaming and broadcasting enables you to maximise your communication potential as everyone has a front row seat. Whether it’s a communication broadcast, a workshop, a team meeting, an awards ceremony or a conference, together, we can create the right experience from a menu of creative content and experiential elements that personalise and promote engagement.

Our solutions bring to life great agendas, storyboards, animations, and presentations, for sharing on either your own, or our bespoke platforms, and personalised just for you, at the right specification. Our developers, creative media-makers and event organisers work closely to produce innovative experiences for colleagues, customers, and guests, both live and online.

Our platforms enable you to stream events and videos alongside interactive tools to encourage two-way conversations and decision making. Voting, polling, questions, quizzes, word clouds and ideas boards, all add to the experience, whilst also enabling you to capture vital data that will help to evolve and build your business ambition.

Using a range of media formats keeps audiences connected to your event for longer. Video is an exciting story telling platform. It has become a mainstream channel for communications and instant entertainment, accounting for 80% of all web traffic. So you can be sure that investment in video pays dividends when planned and designed for maximum impact across an event, communications or marketing plan.

Capture, create and communicate great visual content, and your audiences will remember it long after it was streamed and are highly likely to replay or watch on-demand again and again.

With great inhouse video, digital and event facilities, you can be sure that we can take your message from storyboard to streaming, confidently and creatively delivering solutions that will provide a return on your communications investment.

Check us out at www.mediamaker.co.uk or chat with us on 01159 255440 and let Mediamaker bring your live streaming and video ambitions to life.

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