Our Autumn Top 4 Customer Event Trends:
October and November have been busy at MEDIAmaker, it been great to get back to live events and we have certainly hit the ground running.
We work with customers from many different sectors, but we often find that similar themes and trends pop up. Here’s our Autumn Top 4 Customer Trends:

Shorter deadlines
During October and November most of the events we have worked on are regular events that haven’t taken place for at least 18 months. Our customers are keen to get their live events moving again and there seems to be a renewed appreciation of the power of getting everyone in one room.
But planning live events whilst being surrounded with so many uncertainties has meant people are working in a more reactive way. Lead times are much shorter, many customers understandability don’t want to plan too far in advance. Add to this the ‘re-opening’ of events at the start of the Autumn and you get everyone planning their event from start to finish in a matter of weeks.
With so many uncertainties this way of working might be around for a while, but with a good plan and access to decision makers and you can still produce a great event in a short period of time.

More focused events
The regular live events we have worked on have become more focused and to a more considered audience, each with additional digital engagement features and with the ability to reach wider audiences online. There are many obvious covid related reasons for this and the more focused events have worked well to get people back at events in a comfortable way.
It’s been great to see the audiences’ network and catch up after such a long time. Our customers are really seeing the benefits of getting people together in person and are making plans to build the momentum with future bookings and schedules that keep the audience in tune with the communications plan. We can see that as things return to normal, events will play a big part in connectivity, confidence, and business results.

Hybrid events
As audience sizes are being more considered, often with only key roles invited live, more and more customers are deciding to broadcast their event to reach the wider audience. This is a great way of sharing information, involving colleagues and it is a format that is much more workable when faced with restrictions and cautions. It means we can reach everyone, whilst still maintaining that live connection that is much better to watch than a purely virtual broadcast.
For a recent event, and as well as broadcasting the live event, we also set up an on-demand area on the event portal. The content was split into sections by presenters & sessions so that audiences can watch relevant content at their own convenience. Content could also be edited to include a summary version, which is a great way of cascading key messages.

Our customers need their events to be more sustainable. They are making greener choices, choosing items that are re-useable or made from re-cycled materials. They are also reducing printed materials and eliminating waste and plastics by removing goody bags and giveaways. They are choosing venues with good sustainability policies and practices and considering locations to manage how far attendees travel and by what means. We really welcome this approach and love working with our customers to make their events more sustainable.

The year ahead….
It’s been great to finally get back to live events and our clients have exciting event plans for next year, which we are really looking forward to. Please get in touch if you want to know how we can help you with your next event. Let’s chat at hello@mediamaker.co.uk or call on 07968 307175/01159 255440.