After a gruelling and emotionally tough year many businesses have been destroyed, people cut off, and disconnected for too long. The events industry was brought to a complete halt, and many jobs have been lost. Nevertheless, people and businesses have persevered, we have learnt to adapt and collectively we have all stood up to this threat on lives, and things are beginning to slowly look up.

Impressively in only 4 months the government vaccination rollout has seen nearly half of the UK receive their first dose of the covid vaccine and we’re now only three months away from being able to host an indoor event. Site visits are allowed to take place from March 29th with venues receiving record numbers of enquiries and bookings, I am, as many others within our industry are, feeling positive.

We will all bounce back together, this experience has undoubtedly changed mindsets and tested many of us to breaking point. Can you agree that this year has taken you out of your comfort zone? However, do you want to try new things these days, be more adventurous? Of course it has, and of course you do!

Ok, let’s put it to the test. Tomorrow, why don’t you try using a different media provider to help you communicate your messages?

Maybe you want to re-think your answer.

That’s okay, it just means you’re like the rest of us. We are hardwired to resist change. Part of the brain, the amygdala, interprets change as a threat and releases the hormones for fear, fight, or flight. Your body is actually protecting you from change. That is why so many people within an organisation when presented with a new idea or initiative, even a good one, with lots of benefits will resist it. But there’s even more good news for organisations and individuals trying to change and bounce back from this pandemic. By focusing on three things, we can overcome the psychological costs of change that keep us chained to the past.

  • Dissatisfaction with the way things are now
  • A positive vision of the company’s future
  • Concrete steps to make your vision a reality

Although we naturally resist change were also naturally built to respond to changing environments in a variety of biological and cultural ways. People have learnt to work remotely at the drop of a hat, and the use of virtual and hybrid events for many of us has opened up the ability to have meetings worldwide and will be a continuing and evolving part of the future of the events industry for many years to come. You now have a broader reach, a flexible approach in virtual or hybrid. You don’t lose that two-way connection when using engagement tools and you can enhance the experience for everybody if you approach this digital revolution with event expertise.

Despite the inability to host live events during the covid period we too have adapted and continue to offer alternative and cost-effective event solutions to our customers using bespoke virtual and hybrid event platforms, digital offerings and as ever, continued full event support from a team of event professionals. We are experts in finding solutions to communicate messages to teams whatever the barrier. With over 27 years of experience in events and digital, MEDIAmaker are well placed to provide professional event solutions that reach your virtual audience whenever, wherever and on whatever device they use.

We can transform you to where you want to be, we can involve your teams, we can reward them, celebrate them, teach them, lead them and advise them. If you’re thinking of holding a virtual or hybrid event, just call for a chat, because you’ll need to bounce back from this and we can do it better together! Drop us a line at or on 01159 255440 for a friendly chat about how we can help. 

By Alex Shepherd