Our Commitment to Sustainability and reaching Net Zero by 2050

Mediamaker deliver high quality professional services every day and we therefore have a spotlight on the way we operate to maximise our sustainability potential.

We all have a commitment to protect our environment and adjusting our everyday operation will go a long way. Here are some of the ways that we are aiming to champion sustainability and be protective of our environment and our planet.

1.     Ensuring our colleagues, customers and associates are all safe when working with  Mediamaker whether at our premises or external venues.

2.    Ensuring that we are compliant in our operations, and we support our colleagues and customers in being compliant.

3.    Leading responsibly for the environment and making the best decisions to mitigate harm or risk.

4.    Accepting responsibility for any risk or damage and taking steps to correct, manage and mitigate going forward.

5.    Managing our buying practices and internal operations, including energy and transport, to ensure the best use of resources and minimize any potential impact on the environment.

6.    Always measuring the impact of our services and being flexible in our approach to minimise environmental impact.

7.    Committing to minimise waste produced in all parts of our business. Making recycling a priority both in our premises and external venues and managing waste with authorities and specialists as required.

8.    Work with our suppliers to ensure materials are reusable, recyclable and where possible, supplied by organisations with a sustainable focus.

9.    Ensuring that board level business decisions are made with a Net Zero mindset.

10.  Ensuring our colleagues, customers and partners understand our commitments and commit themselves to our policy and ambition.

11.   Communicating this Policy, as appropriate, to our employees, customers, and suppliers

In 2022, Mediamaker will be adapting its offices, taking a step closer to being Net Zero by 2050. Reducing our energy consumption, adopting a hybrid-working format, and changing everyday habits to contribute to the journey to 2050.

We aim to minimise the use of plastic, already removing plastic cups and reducing non-recyclable plastics in our buying choices. We will be using filtered water, energy efficient taps and fairtrade consumables. We already support the Cycle to work scheme, minimise transport levels and encourage online meetings where necessary. As a digital business, our communication tools are already reducing print, unnecessary travel, and paperwork. We are actively looking to promote initiatives such as tree planting and wildlife support and we will be challenging our suppliers and venues to so the same.