It’s September already and suddenly Christmas is on the horizon, normally we start planning office Christmas parties and celebrations. I love Christmas! Christmas parties are my favourite events to organise.

Let’s face it most of us could do with a really good party. It would be great to get together socially with colleagues, some of which we have hardly seen in really life for a long time.  I really believe that social gatherings help build team relationships and moral and we could all do with a bit of that.

But many people might be slightly apprehensive about attending a large party style gathering and let’s face it anything could happen between now and Christmas. But with a bit of creative thinking, you can still celebrate. Here’s a menu of ideas that may help you create the best Christmas do!

Ask the people

Surveys are easy and a good way of seeing what people think.  Sometimes they offer surprising results, but often they can help cement the plan you are working on.  By asking the people, you can decide what type of event to plan, and attract more attendees. Your audience might be well up for a large party and maybe by Christmas we will all be more used to going out and socialising in larger groups.

Try going small

You may decide that a series of smaller events or parties are the way to go.  People might feel more comfortable and may be more likely to attend a smaller event.  We are certainly seeing this trend in conferences; many clients are starting to plan their events but with reduced numbers in larger capacity rooms.  This format could work well for Christmas celebrations and offers so many options. It’s also a great format to focus on reuniting teams.

Get your coat on

If you want to hold a larger event, look at doing something outside.  Think Christmas market meets winter festival!  I’m thinking stretch marquees, street food stalls, silent disco, bands, mulled wine, and hot chocolate and lots of sparkle.This option isn’t for everyone, but many of us have spent more time outside and feel more comfortable in large groups outside.

Or you could find a venue with great outdoor space, along with some indoor spaces to get warm and mix up the format.


A team activity may be the way to go, with drinks and food afterwards. Team activities can be a great way of bringing people together and for many teams this works better than a traditional party.  This could be an outdoor activity like high ropes or a Segway safari or something warmer like murder mystery, escape room or roller skating.  Again, this activity format is a great way to get teams talking and working together as well as having a ball!

Office party

How about an office Christmas party? You might decide that hosting at party at your offices gives you more flexibility and control should advice or restrictions change, and people may feel more comfortable in a location they are familiar with.  An in-house party can be amazing, especially if you dress the spaces, adopt a theme and provide great food and entertainment.

Massive blowout

This is the ‘just go for it’ option!  Your teams may just want a massive Christmas party that will be well received and attended.  There are so many options available from going to a party night at a venue, to taking a venue over and making your own amazing night, personalised and designed for your team.  There are some great deals around if you book early.

Top tips

Whatever you decide to do here are our top tips:

  • Start planning

Start planning early, again this will give you more options and make things less stressful.
Food, drink, entertainment, activities, transport are probably the main considerations.

  • Book something early

You will have more choice of venues and dates

  • Save the date

Get the date in peoples diaries early.

  • Communicate

If people are nervous, let them know what to expect, involve them and get their views and support

Create a buzz around the event

  • Theme

Often a theme makes planning and idea much easy to realise.

  • Contingency

Might be worth having a plan B up your sleeve and check cancelation policies carefully in any contract.

We can help

If you need ideas or help planning or creating your Christmas celebration, get in touch, we can offer a range of creative solutions, production, management and support for all budgets. All done with safety in mind by our IOSH Certified team.

Let’s Celebrate Christmas Safely.