Live events are back, with hybrid and virtual having found their own place in the agenda, making it a more dynamic and agile industry than ever.

Events are exciting and ambitious, challenging and rewarding, but as an organiser there are always things that crop up just to keep you on your toes.  It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or what you specialise in, there are bound to be those surprising hurdles and ‘pains’ to overcome. 

During our 28 years in the industry, we have come across many such challenges, and we have either solved them or navigated our way around them.  When creating and delivering events is not your main role, being faced with deadlines, challenges, and pressures, it’s important to have a trusted team to share it with and let off steam, but crucially, one who will find a solution.  That’s where Mediamaker can support you.  We are great listeners and with our understanding of where pain points occur, we’re able to overcome them agilely for your team.

To help you to navigate your way through, we’ve created a planning guide.  Firstly, our observations are, if you get the fundamentals right, there is plenty of time to tackle the unexpected challenges.  Even if you have the necessities all wrapped up, it’s often the little things that take a lot of thinking, planning, and solving.  Making time for regular reviews is critical so that gaps can be spotted early – and save you money. Secondly, to stay ahead of the game, keep your cool and call in our experts!

Here’s our guide to pain free event planning:

  1. Understand the event purpose and strategy – why are you holding an event?
  2. Know your audience – who, where, roles, interests, needs
  3. Allocate key supplier resources from the outset, i.e. Mediamaker
  4. Build your support team – allocate responsibilities
  5. Budget planning – include a contingency
  6. Time allocation – start planning early, create a schedule
  7. Date and location – consider all guest and delegate logistics
  8. Choose venues wisely – space, cost, ability to deliver, contract terms
  9. Space planning – use Mediamaker to create cad plans and manage best use of space
  10. Indoors or outdoors – if outdoors, have a back-up plan for increment weather
  11. Communication tools and media channels – what do you have at your disposal
  12. Event Design, plan your agenda – format, presenters, media/content, features, guests etc
  13. Create a production schedule – know your deadlines
  14. Compliance – cover off data management, contracts, insurances, GDPR
  15. Diarise key dates – meetings, speaker training, rehearsals, payment schedules, technical checks
  16. Create an on-site schedule – what, who, where, when
  17. Meet key players for pre-event check – venue, production team, presenters etc
  18. Rehearse – rehearse – rehearse
  19. Prepare for post event analysis, data management and digital outputs, including connectivity and sharing
  20. Implement the post-event comms and cascade
  21. Let Mediamaker work their magic and enjoy

If anyone ever tells you that organising events is easy, they’ve not been there! However, with Mediamaker, we can make your life easier and help you to be confident every step of the way.  Don’t wait for the hurdles and pains to arrive – get in touch and let us take on the challenges – we love them!

Check us out here at, drop us a line for a chat and more information at and we can set up a call to talk things through together.

In the meantime, keep planning!