“Great Leaders Communicate and Great Communicators Lead” – Simon Sinek.

There are hundreds of great quotes about communication, but this one resonated because when you see or hear someone sharing information or generating conversation it is true.  In business the worst thing you can do is ignore the need to communicate & lead, especially now.  People need good communication more than ever to be clear, to have focus and to feel empowered to move positively through this melee of negativity that one single virus has caused.  Together we are stronger than that and for too long we have let it dictate how we live and work. 

Whilst we let the scientists and politicians manage the pandemic, we can also manage how we progress and evolve into the ‘new world’.  However, its not really such a new world because we were there already, we just didn’t give it the same level of importance or appreciation.  Well now is the time.  The green light has been given to live by digital communication.  I know its not the be all and end all, and I for one most certainly enjoy face to face communication, but when lines are drawn, there needs to be a change in tack and a lot can be achieved with digital communication if it is done with careful and creative consideration.

Careful and creative consideration may sound like something you don’t have time for or need to find someone else to do, well that’s ok as that’s your first careful consideration done.  Now look to those who can help you make the most of it.  What tools do you already have and can we maximise the use of them by thinking differently about what we use them for?  Yes, we can, but firstly lets talk about it.  Getting an over arching ambition together will create a variety of needs, opportunities and resource options.  With a time plan, these elements form a route to that ambition. So by communicating with us and letting us do the careful and creative considerations, you are leading the way, proactively seeking solutions for communicating and promoting progress.  How hard can it be ?

The hardest part has probably been not realising that there are a great team of professionals who can vary your approach to communication through different digital channels.  The possibilities are endless and the potential is huge.  Again, I find myself hearing another Simon Sinek quote “Dream Big, Start Small, but most of all Start!”.

Start here at hello@mediamaker.co.uk and let’s communicate.

By Alison Glaves