Over the past few years working and meeting habits have changed. There are many benefits to virtual meetings and working from home, but it also makes you appreciate the benefits of getting everyone together in one room and makes an in-person event all the more important.  

  • Face to Face conversations – Often it’s just easier to speak to someone face to face. Our event attendee’s love catching up with old colleagues as well as meeting new ones and putting a face to the name.
  • Networking – With changes to the way we work, many colleagues have never met each other in person or just don’t see each other as regularly. Chatting with colleagues, picking someone’s brain, generally discussing projects or ways of working are so beneficial and are such an important part of events. We are seeing more and more clients making breaks a little longer to allow for better and longer networking times or holding post event drinks to allow more time to catch up.
  • Bringing content to life –Using different presentation formats, creating visually stunning content and interactivity helps bring your content to life and means your attendees will remember and engage with the key messages and calls to action more effectively.
  • Consistent messaging – Getting everyone in a room and delivering the same message at the same time enables a more consistent message. It’s also easier to read the room and judge how the content has been received and instantly pick up on any concerns or excitement.
  • No distractions – Virtual events can be great, but its easy to get districted or to try and do your day job whilst only half listening. It’s also hard going listening online for more than an hour. Taking people away from distractions means attendees listen and engage better.
  • Q&A sessions – Q&A is a great tool to get attendees involved, engaged and to address any questions. Having a panel of experts answering questions is really valuable for attendees and again works much better in person.
  • Working sessions – Getting groups working together during an event is another great tool to enable networking, teamwork and engagement.  By working through a challenge together they get to know colleagues, they can share experiences and discuss new ideas.   We are finding that our clients are dedicating more time in their agendas to this type of activity, and feedback from attendees is always very positive. This type of session is a great way to highlight key messages, development strategies or introduce a call to action.
  • Engagement – With planning, it’s easier to keep audiences engaged at a face-to-face event.  There are so many easy tools available to make content more interactive which makes the whole event more interesting and engaging and attendees will leave informed and excited.
  • Exhibitors – Why not invite some suppliers or internal teams along to exhibit and talk to attendees about what’s new, demo products or just meet in person. Make the exhibition part of breaks, it doesn’t have to be large, but just adds another interesting face to face element.

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