The Virtual Event looks like it’s here to stay, but what does that mean for live events?

Virtual meetings and events have really come into their own during this past year. Certainly, without online meetings, working from home and staying in touch would have been so much harder. There are many occasions where actually, the virtual event makes lots of sense, for example a companywide announcement, where you need to communicate information to employees across many sites at the same time or even for more formal presentations and speeches.

Virtual events have been a brilliant way to communicate, and I think going forward they will become part of business communication strategies and processes, especially as more people are now working remotely.  The Virtual event has also found its feet and is here to stay. 

So where does this leave in-person events? 

A live event is about far more than just the presentations and content they see.  Networking, group workshops, team building, sharing ideas and the general buzz of an event are just some of the benefits of getting people together.  If you then add in ‘zoom fatigue’ and the lack of social interaction most of us have had over the past year, getting people together when it is safe to do so is so important.

It looks like the live event might look a little different for a while.  Masks, social distancing, and perhaps smaller attendee numbers could be some of the measures we need to put in place to safely get people together.

This however presents a great opportunity to think about live events differently and approach them in a new way.  The live event should focus more on what you cannot easily achieve online and should be less about being presented at. It should be more about engagement and interaction. For many companies this is not a new approach, they already run engaging events where the focus is on the attendees, but I would like to see more companies taking this approach and changing their focus when holding a live event. The event should be centred around the attendee and should be a place to network, learn and develop alongside colleagues, to talk and exchange ideas.  Interaction and engagement should be key to planning live events in the new world after all it is the people that will make the difference. Drop us a line at or 01159 255440 for a friendly chat about how we can help.